As geoipdns is based upon djbdns, the requirements are quite similar.


1. Download and decompress.

tar -xjvf
cd geoipdns*

2. Check conf-cc for the compile flags you care about. (the defaults should be fine for most installations)

3. Compile and install the package.

make setup check

4. Add geoipdns and dnslog users to your system if you don't already have a non-privleged user for the service.

adduser geoipdns
adduser dnslog

5. Create a service directory tree for geoipdns:

geoipdns-conf geoipdns dnslog /etc/geoipdns-

where geoipdns and dnslog are the server daemon user and logging user you want to use to run the service, /etc/geoipdns- is the directory for the service and is the IP through which the server will listen.

6. Edit your data file as per the documentation. Minimum survival:

touch /etc/geoipdns-

7. Compile your data file.

cd /etc/geoipdns-

8. Start the service by linking it into /service

ln -s /etc/geoipdns- /service

This should cause either daemontools or runit to start the service.

9. Check to make sure everything is running.

ps axf

If things don't seem to be working, make sure daemontools or runit is running and check the geoipdns log:

tail geoipdns- /service/geoipdns-

(Thanks to Pablo for edits.)

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